Why Did I Quit Investment Banking For Startup?

How Can I Ever Forget My First DCF?

Before Being an Investment Banker

Investment banking a fancy profession for many university students. Especially if you are studying in cities like London or New York. I went to university in London and the day I stepped into the city, I knew what I wanted to be, “Investment Banker”. At first, I did not know why I wanted to be an investment banker, I guess I was just inspired the fancy suits and cigars, not to mention the luxury cars. ( It was actually my love of financial markets)

After setting my eyes on being an investment banker, I started to read everything I could find about finance, I spent long days in the library, I was hungry for information, I was like a sponge consuming every information I could. At the end It was finally the day, the day I could finally understand the articles on Financial Times, I fell in love with the financial markets and I felt I was the king, the next best hedge fund manager, but then there was one thing missing to complete the picture in my head and that was a cigar, I quickly took a short visit to a cigar shop and I had no idea what to get. Shopkeeper asked me what would I like to get? And I said, give one of these hedge fund guys smoke(ah I regret now I wish I asked the price before I said that). Now I had my cigar and Financial Times, I felt like I have done it. I was going to be an Investment Banker…

Investment Banking Days

It was the day again, after going through a very tough interviewing process, I was one of the lucky ones. It was the day I was actually going to be an investment banker. Next stop for me was getting an Ivy League MBA. I worked hard for GMAT and scored high enough to put me as a good candidate for the top business schools. But I was losing my interest in investment banking, I felt like I was doing the same things everyday working until very late but at the end, I felt like I was not really doing anything. It would never come to my mind that I would feel bored, this job was what I wanted since the university days. I was looking for a way out now and then I started to be interested with venture capitals and I had a friend who worked in a VC. I asked him to introduce me to the world of Startups and VC. It was that day I decided to move on from investment banking. Now my goal was to enter the startup ecosystem work with some of the smartest makers I know and become like them, I have realised that I wanted to be a maker.

Why Enter The World of Startups?

You guys are probably wondering, what happened to my investment banking dreams? Well, they are long gone but I still have an undeniable love for financial markets and investing. I am glad that I learned finance skills.

In my previous career, I always felt like a support person whereas in a startup I am responsible for the whole business side of the company. I have the freedom to try new things, fail and try again and fail until I reach the success. Working in a startup requires you to wear many hats, so you become something like a Jack of All Trades (Obviously I do no coding). In order to adept, I had to learn many new things and this was a great challenge for me and as someone who comes from athlete background, I love challenges. Unlike in my previous career, I don’t have routine jobs to do every day, my daily tasks are not monotone. I feel like I am learning something new every day. But the best part is the responsibility of running the whole business side of the things. In a startup, as a team, we are all on the same ship, If we do well ships sails smoothly and all of us enjoys the ride but if things go bad we all sink together. If you have a love for non-stop learning and you are a risk taker and you want to be a part of something great and inspiring then don’t stop, just join the startup ecosystem.

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