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6 Reasons Why I Can Never Give Up #Evernote…

At Least I Hope I Don’t Have To

1 — It’s super easy to get content into it (from any device).

How I quickly add an audio note into Evernote
Evernote Web Clipper makes content capture simple from web browser!

2 — It’s crazy fast for searching and finding anything I need.

“The search box in Evernote is where all the magic happens. We’ll get to that magic in a bit, but first I want to acknowledge this as the most common way people search for something in Evernote. It works the same way like a search engine, so you already know how to use it.”

Evernote Search Tips & Tricks — Downloadable Reference Card

3 — It’s accessible from any device (mobile is critical to me!).

Evernote Note on the iPad, iPhone and Desktop — Seamless!

4 — Evernote has become my go to (mini) CRM tool.

IFTTT app — When new note is added to a notebook, create a new row in Google Spreadsheet
IFTTT automated spreadsheet — posting Client notes to Google Sheets
Microsoft Excel Import — With Analysis Dashboards Flexibility

5 — I Love It As A Resource for Sharing Content

2018 Predictions Content Collection — Shared with a Group I’m In
“Rethinking The Handout” — sample Linked Document from previous talk I gave

6 — Evernote is a Great Process Documentation Tool

Sample Process Documentation Notebook — Sharing and Updating among Team responsible for maintaining
Reference Documentation — Reference available to entire team


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