Why is your Business Card Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

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5 min readDec 24, 2017

We all live in a busy world of gadgets (smartphones, tablets and blazing fast Internet ….at least in most parts of the world) and virtual commuting and communicating which has been the “thing” for over 6–7 years.

There is no doubt that technology has made our life better in so many ways, but there are some things that just cannot be replaced. I personally feel that one of it is your business card.

It may sound crazy because it is just a piece of paper but let me tell you that I am sharing this after having over ten years of professional life with and without a business card and that is how I can notice the difference.

In simple words, a business card is an inexpensive way of sharing your contact details but it is much more than that.

Presenting Your Brand

You might have heard of the very famous saying which goes like this, “first impression is the last impression” and trust me your business card plays a strong role in introducing you or as a whole your company/brand to clients.

When potential clients receive your card, it directly helps in establishing a more professional image and approach which ups the game for you as a business owner.

Within no time it will give a sense of credibility to the client so that she/he can trust your business.

On the other hand, business cards boost your professional image up to 200% so I recommend and encourage you to print few of them to start with even if you are a freelancer or full time employee (employers will give them to you so that you can boost your image and indirectly play a role for the company you work in).

Brand Message

Without any doubt, your business card captures what your brand stands for in a nutshell. For example, a graphic designer should have a creative business card while an architect ought to use a a simple and clean design to focus on modernity.

Coming over to the designation, I have always liked to be cheeky about this. Stop me if I go overboard with coming up with names.

Just kidding !

For example, the head of design for a company can be called ‘Creative Director — Design’ or ‘Design Inventor’. Your business card can show the culture and ideals of your company or brand.


Everyone is searching for new business in today’s crowded and competitive world.

How do you plan to stand out and be remembered ?

Being different is a vital ingredient of those who win. A memorable, catchy and interesting business card can ensure that your clients will remember your brand when needed.

An impressive business card can be done by a graphic designer or on many platforms out there online. Apart from the range of options that are out there, be sure to make note of the below.

Your business card needs to be :

  • simple
  • to the point
  • with basic details about you and your business
  • with contact information (mobile, landline, email, website, etc)

Call to Action

If you are looking at bringing in sales through your business cards you will require a Call to Action just like a CTA on social media. Once you have covered the first three areas, you are safe from your business card being tossed into the trash.

Clients will remember to ring or email you in times for need, for sure.

I recommend going a step further and including a well written call to action message. For example, you can offer a discount to new customers, QR code to website page that showcases your services or a tagline with a punch.

One of the biggest conversation starter in the professional word is a “business card” so be sure to keep information clear and to the point as I have made a note earlier in this blog too.


Whenever you are handing out your business card to some one, remember that you are directly being professional and in search for business and exposure for the long run.

You could get business from a garbage man’s son working at Microsoft or even a a fishmonger’s friend so as and when this happens you will be able to understand how your business/brand is performing and create sales funnels through various platforms, in turn allocating a marketing budget in different channels.

Please Note : The guy in the middle, in the picture above referred me to his friend in Malaysia two years after I met him, to get in touch with me for a social media campaign for the opening of his new shop in Petaling Jaya).

This only happened because I shared my business card with Shaiful (fishmonger) after interacting with him for 30 minutes and learning a little about the fish business there.

Fun fact, a small 9 x 5 inches paper card with text on it can speak about your business as well as get you more, so get your business cards printed without any delay…..

There is a difference between “wasting paper” and “using paper”. Some things in life cannot be replaced, just like “Paper”.

Share with me your experiences and thoughts about how use of “business cards” has changed your life, brand, business.

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