Why Rituals Are Important in Your Life

And how they can help you break old habits and create new ones.

Richard Michael Hui
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6 min readSep 19, 2019


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Life is fast.

And it’s only getting faster.

Between being connected to your work, hustling to get ahead, and trying to keep your life from falling apart, we are quite busy individuals aren’t we? Thankfully, our brain has evolved to help us navigate our chaotic and messy world. We created habits.


Habits often go by unnoticed by ourselves — which is sort of the point. They are automatic behaviours directed by unconscious thoughts. When a particular behaviour is carried out repeatedly, the brain figures “This is done often enough, guess I’ll put it on auto and leave it in the background.” In doing so, there is one less thing to think about as you go through your day — your brain has reduced the cognitive load by making something a habit.

Imagine trying to go through your day where you had to think about every action you took. You would be totally wiped out by the time you were finished! As it is, your brain struggles to decide what to eat for lunch, let alone having to think about all the mundane tasks throughout the day.

Yet habits are not neutral. As you’ll find out, our habits can show us a lot about who we are and how far we’ll get in life.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken” — Warren Buffet

We are who we are today because of all the choices we have made before. This includes both the unconscious habits that we follow through with, and the active decision-making that guides us forward. We are but a string of decisions.

Just as we can make good and bad choices, so do we develop good and bad habits alike. Good habits, such as eating well and staying hydrated regularly are great! Bad habits, on the other hand, like smoking and depriving yourself of sleep are not so great.

But there’s one habit that I’d like to touch on. Like most habits, it goes by unnoticed by the individual, the only difference is, this…



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