Why (Smart) Businesses Hire Freelancers

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The workforce is moving from a traditional nine-to-five workday and embracing a workforce which is fluid. Companies which adapt and change have the upper hand, and for those companies which need experts, but lack the resources, the answer is hiring freelancers.

Here are some good reasons why businesses today are hiring a freelancer to do work which used to be done, or supplements what is being done, in-house.

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A freelancer working from home doesn’t have to meet overhead costs. It is possible for them to offer affordable rates and your company saves the cash.


The primary reason why freelancers opt to freelance is the flexibility of setting their own hours. Their flexibility can benefit you as well. Your freelancers could be “talking” to your social media fans, posting a blog or updating your business’ website — long after you’re done for the day.

You can even find yourself in the position of emailing your freelancer an assignment list on Friday and find the tasks are completed by Monday morning.


Instead of hiring a full-time staffer, You can work on an “as-needed” basis with a freelancer. Engage a freelancer who specializes in a skill or talent, and your business is streamlined.

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Fast Delivery

Freelancers tend to remain motivated to do a superb job, quickly. They know it’s in their best interest to remain viable and more than meet any expectations you have.

Freelancers don’t have the time for office politics — or endless, meaningless meetings.


Among the biggest headaches of hiring new staff is the training investment which has to be paid out before the hire begins to contribute to the bottom line. Freelancers are used to working solo, so yes, work parameters need to be defined clearly — but they don’t have to be trained.


Usually, freelancers are found to be more innovative and receptive to change. While big firms also offer wonderful ideas, freelancers are not hampered by pre-conceived ideas and can step in and find cutting edge solutions for your business design.

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Good freelancers gather tons of experience as they work with a variety of different businesses. Each client they have adds more experience to their craft, and the experience brings more skills. Your business gains from that vast experience.

Hire Specific Experts

If a unique task is in order and your company lacks that skill, you can hire the most suitable professional freelancer for the onetime job. The freelancer brings their expertise to you, freeing you from having to employ someone you won’t need once the task is finished.

Future Availability

Freelancers can be depended on for future improvements. It is a scarcity for entrepreneurial freelance designers to fire themselves. Most talented gig-workers enjoy their lives and constantly work to improve their skills. You will find that those freelancers with whom you have a good working relationship are always hungry for additional work.

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Global Market

International labor becomes a viable option for businesses. Outsourcing from cheaper labor markets becomes an advantage for tasks like software development and graphic design. You get to make your business 24-hour by making use of overseas workers in a variety of time zones.

The Takeaway

Reap the Freelancer benefits today. Many studies show the freelancing spirit is thriving and vibrant. Even many white-collar workers are increasingly leaving their full-time employment to take the plunge into freelancing.

Jerry Nelson is an American freelance writer living the expat life in Argentina. You can find him at any of hundreds of sidewalk cafes and hire him through Fiverr.

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