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Why UpLabs Premium Plan Is Not a Good Idea

A Review After a Month of Premium Subscription as an iOS Developer

Like many developers, I think one of the best ways to reinforce what you’ve just learned is to apply it to your side projects. In fact, if the projects, in which you use a new programming language or framework, are visually appealing adds a plus to your motivation (at least for me). For this purpose, when I search the resources that provide UI templates, I thought UpLabs was a good deal for me considering unlimited access to all assets for $20 per month. However, after I’d experienced a 1-month premium plan, I came up with the following inadequacies.

Content Mismatch with Description

In UpLabs, there are descriptions and screenshots in the assets added by the designers. What surprises me is when I download some of the files or designs, I could see a different design or missing files in the UI kit. For example, once when I downloaded a UI kit that is claimed it contains 12 screens, just 8 screens were in or the file I downloaded could be a png file and not editable.

Working with Different Softwares

The contents in UpLabs can have several software compatibilities. So, you can choose one of that software — like Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD — to download suitable assets for your work environment. In some cases, regardless of which software I try to export, they are all exported in the same format. For instance, even Sketch file looks available for the asset, it appears Figma format when I download it.

Subscription Cancellation Issues

Today, many products offer different subscription plans to use their “awesome” premium features and give you the right to cancel a plan at any time. What you expect when you cancel your subscription before it expires is that your account remains active until the end of your billing period, Right?. However, this does not apply to UpLabs.

For example, you got a monthly premium plan and you downloaded a few UI templates during your subscription. However, let’s say 10 days before your membership expires, you think that you are not satisfied with this service and you cancel your plan so that your subscription will not be automatically renewed. After you make the cancellation, you are no longer allowed to use your remaining 10 days of premium subscription and you cannot access the assets you have downloaded. That’s pretty awful.


To sum up, if you are going to buy a subscription just because you like a premium design, it may disappoint you. Also, if you want to get an app template as a complete bundle or UI kit, I think the service you are looking for is not UpLabs. On the other hand, I think it can be considered a good resource for giving feature-based design ideas but that still requires designer skills to add on.

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