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Why We Should Quit Social Media, But Definitely Won’t

Ezinne Ukoha
Jun 10, 2019 · 7 min read

Social media isn’t fun anymore. We have to have face facts, and recognize that what we’ve signed up for has rapidly evolved into a death match with globally-situated terrorists at the helm, who have mastered how to manipulate the tools of engagement into personalized war missiles, that strike without disciplined steering from sinister founders.

Case in point, Alex Jones, the infamous founder of the garbage conservative outlet, Infowars, who spent the years after the national tragedy that was the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, that claimed the lives of 20 children, who were blown to bits by the bullets from an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle — publicly taunting the bereaved parents of the children who were killed during the bloody massacre.

Jones is often referred to as “conspiracy theorist,” but that description doesn’t accurately define the level of vile that this asshole carries in that diseased belly.

Anyone who can stomach the blasphemous sight of utter chaos after a massive shooting that leaves little bodies riddled with bullets, and still have the audacity to claim that the massacre was a “giant hoax” that was staged by “crisis actors” who were employed to disintegrate the Second Amendment — needs to be put away for life.

But Alex Jones was permitted to maximize his access to free speech by distorting the reverence of that privilege, which most countries including my homeland, Nigeria, refuse to grant without demanding the ultimate price.

His nightmarish antics on display weren’t just reserved for the unsightly studio where he films his dastardly show. There was also the wide open valves of social media platforms, primarily Facebook and Twitter, that hosted Jones and his monologues of poison, that were aimed at spreading the lethality of “fake news” with the encouragement of a new American president, who was just beginning to indulge in the habitual practice of online warfare.

It was only a matter of time before Jones was forced to choke on his words of venom, as the assaulted parents of the murdered kids of Sandy Hook joined forces to file a lawsuit against their celebrated abuser.

During the filmed disposition that was distributed via viral video clips, Jones was asked a series of pertinent questions regarding his relentless commitment to the abhorrent agenda of dissuading his followers from absorbing the brutal truth of gun violence in America, by devaluing the unfathomable pain of those who lost everything to society’s deadly epidemic.

Watching Jones struggle to make sense of the senseless rantings that propelled his nefarious career was quite a sight to behold. It was hard to believe that this massive sack of shit actually possessed enough influential power to prevent Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey from permanently scorching his presence out of Twitter — until the famed platform’s already questionable reputation was at stake.

There was some gratification in hearing Jones succumb to the weight of the glaring truth that he had spent enough time trying to bury under the avalanche of manufactured falsehoods. But of course he had to blame his crimes on a spell of “psychosis” that was brought on by “trauma of the media and the corporations lying so much.”

The mere fact that Twitter was the last of the bunch in the tech world, to finally pull the plug on a faux-journalist with a penchant for extremes when it comes to polluting multiple channels with the potency of reportage, that make mincemeat of verified content, certainly gave me the incentive to seriously reevaluate my online engagement.

But there have been plenty of times that I’ve felt like a masked co-conspirator when it comes to the perplexing operations of these powerful platforms, that were conceived with the mission of setting up owners of logins for post-humanism through the traitorous coercion of free will.

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t caught off guard by how his invention has played a vital and destructive role in ruining America’s democracy as the preferred portal for global infiltrators. His genius couldn’t have tapered off when the subject of worst case scenarios were listed and examined.

And even after the disastrous results of Russian interference during the 2016 elections, dedicated users are still logged on to a platform that disrupts orderly temps by distributing doctored videos with the attached warning that’s supposed to compensate for the parked space of damaging content.

How else can we explain the fake video that depicts House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, delivering a speech with slurred words that are meant to evoke incoherency that can be attributed to mind-altering substances.

Facebook swiftly flagged the video as “false” and according to a spokesperson of the embattled platform, it’s “distribution was dramatically decreased,” and the notable win is the fact that the response time has greatly improved since “speed is critical” when tackling the virus of fake news and graphically violent content.

The entire world witnessed the horrifying events that unfolded at the neighborhood mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15, 2019, when a White supremacist live-streamed the unfolding minutes of his shooting spree that left 51 worshippers dead.

Part of the thrill for these monsters, is the power they wield when posting their bloody handiwork for gawkers to study. The seamless accessibility is a temptation that’s hard to resist, and it recalls the early days, when we truly believed that having the world at our finger tips was a positive thing.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who was lavished with high praise for her demonstrative empathy and immediate activism following the terrifying incident, was quite vocal about the global crisis of social media’s damning position as instruments of terrorism.

Ardern is currently partnering with French President Emmanuel Macron, to help mobilize efforts for her newly-minted initiative, “Christchurch Call,” that will focus on putting much-needed pressure on online portals when it comes to preventing the uploading and viral sharing of terrorist attacks in real-time, while also ensuring that violent content of that nature gets removed as soon as it debuts.

Facebook guiltily endures as the main culprit in these high-stakes schemes, and of course the response to this call for accountability and action was met with the company’s firm pledge to crack down on the posting and distribution of videos that showcase terrorists at work, while also disciplining users who participate in making them viral. There was also the promise to develop innovative tools that would stop these videos from reaching its platform.

But it’s very difficult to trust Facebook’s revised mission statement, when you consider how the manipulated video that grossly alters the disposition of Nancy Pelosi, a high ranking U.S. government official is still very much alive in the columns of its newsfeed, with no plans for removal.

Couple that with President Trump’s ill-advised decision to share the video on his Twitter page, even after it was proven that this falsified content belongs in the trash bin of the worldwide web — and are left with no choice but to be confronted with the murkiness of blindingly bleak territory.

The only good reason to repost the filthiness of his engagement is for the benefit of those who can’t quite comprehend how the supposed “leader of the free world” and Commander-in-Chief of a former “world police” could possibly be allowed to indulge in the bullish tendencies that activate his distinctive palate of hostility towards women.

We’ve seen it with his reprehensible mistreatment of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, that began right after her history-making election to the U.S. Congress, and how the public endorsement of a Black Muslim-American woman at an official capacity of government sorely threatens the temperament of a thuggish oaf, who spent the early days of his presidency vilifying Muslims both at home and abroad with normalized Islamophobic and xenophobic attacks.

The horrendous tweet that Trump plastered on his timeline, where he callously weaponized the horrors of 9/11 in his quest to retain Congresswoman Omar as the face of global terrorism should have gotten the president permanently booted off Twitter.

But even that unforgivable act of systemic harassment that was levied against an innocent and law-abiding citizen, who had been weathering death threats prior to Trump’s criminal addition, wasn’t severe enough to warrant the full extent of the law.

In fact, when queried about whether or not he felt any remorse for exacerbating the dire plight of the woman he was menacingly bullying, the president made it clear that he was quite comfortable with his abusive stance and its ramifications on Omar and her family.

This latest episode with the avid circulation of the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi at the hands of an unapologetic and vindictive gangster with a massive platform, and the unyielding refusal by Facebook to promptly erase the soiled content, forces me to contend with the how we should strongly consider discarding our unhealthy dependency on social media.

However, it’s obvious that none of us are going anywhere anytime soon.

We’ve all been spitefully infected with the addiction to products that haven’t done a good job hiding the life-threatening side effects, and yet we are unable to willingly break free from the jaws of disillusionment and robotic engagement, that’s succeeding in revamping the landscape into a fucked up spin-off of Westworld.

Trump is able to run rampant with the assigned permission to disorganize the tools of engagement at will, and with the delightful authority of his standardized infliction of pain and suffering on those who have zero protection from this form of structural abuse.

We complain about it and demand punishment for those accused. We build threads and essays that shame the influential perpetrators, and even tag Jack Dorsey with the lofty motives of finally being able to inspire his inaction into the long-awaited reroute towards the path of healed progression.

But, alas! We are doomed!

If Twitter is till taking its sweet time to determine where or not White supremacists deserve to be unplugged from a platform that conveniently assists with plotting terrorists activity — then we can assume we’re reached the point of no return.

We will never quit social media. It needs us more than we do, but we’ve been programmed to think otherwise, which means we’re all going to end up in the same place after all this is over.

In the meantime, I will continue to not recognize myself.

The Startup

Ezinne Ukoha

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

The Startup

Medium's largest active publication, followed by +752K people. Follow to join our community.

Ezinne Ukoha

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

The Startup

Medium's largest active publication, followed by +752K people. Follow to join our community.

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