Why WeWork’s Name Works So Well

Naming your business is one of the most important things you’ll ever do—and it’s one of the hardest things to get right.

Today, I’m highlighting a company that completely nailed it when it came to their name — and telling you how you can make your name work just as hard as theirs does.

WeWork describes themselves as a “global network of workspaces where companies and people grow together.”

And as the coworking revolution began to go strong, they’ve reimagined the “workspace” as much more than a desk to sit at while you stare at a screen all day.

For them, the workspace is an community experience — and they’ve focused serious time + energy on creating dynamic environments that are unique, friendly and designed to foster connections.

With taglines like “do what you love” and “make a life, not just a living,” WeWork’s commitment to community clearly comes across both in their marketing and in their spaces.

Now, about that name…

The very best names make someone feel or visualize something when they hear them — that’s what makes them so memorable. And WeWork hits both of these buckets.

“We” + “Work”: Two simple and strong words strung together, just 2 syllables. Here’s how the words in combination evoke a feeling and a visual.

The Feeling

When you hear “WeWork,” it sounds like a call to action. WeWork brings to mind togetherness, community and shared creation. You put yourself in the picture (I AM working to make something! I DO want to work together! I WILL take on the world!).

The Visual

You’re sitting in a colorful conference room—papers spread across the table; someone excitedly writing on a board with a sharpie; you exchanging high-fives with your partners. Your team, your tribe, your networks…. you can see them all coming together to work towards something great.

⚡️Your Bite-Sized Insight⚡️

Think about what you want your customers to (1) feel or (2) visualize when they hear the name of your business—and use these as the inspiration. Or if you already have some names on the table, use these words to judge them.

That’s how to always make sure your name is working hard enough for you.

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