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Why You Should Get Off The Sidelines

Life Happens on The Offensive


The year is now in full swing. Many people have made new years’ resolutions which have quickly faded into the background of their lives by the first week of February.

Others do not make any resolutions and simply decide year to year to continue to live their lives the same way.

Either way you probably feel you are creating the life you want.

But are you?

What if you decided instead to make this year all about getting off of the sidelines. For anyone needing clarification on this reference, if you watched the SuperBowl they refer to the sidelines a lot during the game. This is where players stand and wait for their opportunity to get on the field and to unleash their fury in an organized fashion upon their opponent.

The sidelines are there for good reason. They hold loads of players and keep them within arms reach of the big plays their team is making. They stand on the sidelines as a layer of cheerleaders cheering on their fellow teammates while sharing valuable information that can help them win. You could argue that being on the sidelines is important.

However, as important it may be to be the cheering squad for your team, it will never be as important as getting off the sidelines and making the big plays.

Everyone wants to be that person that makes the game-winning catch, shoots the game-winning goal or simply makes an amazing play for the world to see. Their talent is on display at the largest level at the most important time in their sport. Instant hero!

The sidelines have a lot of excitement and energy because you are close to the action. But the sidelines represent talk and no action.

Playing on the field represents both talk and action where one cannot be present without the other.

Getting to the main stage on the field requires a gameplay or a “roadmap” of how you are going to live your life with action. Here are the top three reasons why this is the year you should get off the sidelines and into the game of your life.

1. Nothing Is Proven Until Proven

I love when people immediately doubt themselves when the time comes when they have to make a big play. I am guilty of this as are many people I know. That opportunity finally comes knocking at your doorstep and you thought you were ready for it when in reality you were not. Your house was not in order and you eventually miss the opportunity entirely. You must prove it to yourself that you are committed to getting off the sidelines by making sure you are ready when the opportunity arises. Prove it to yourself that you are worthy with action based steps to reach the life you want.

2. Too Many Talkers

We are a spectator society. Everyone wants to watch the game but not many want to play the game. The SuperBowl is a great example of this. It has millions of viewers each year, yet only 104 players actually play the game. The ratio of player to spectators, if there were 7 million viewers would be 67,308 spectators per player. Don’t be a talker, be a doer. The easiest thing to do this year is for you to talk. The hardest thing you may do is act. Do the hard stuff first if you want to get off the sidelines.

3. Growth

If you get in the game this year by planning, preparing and acting on your goals, you will achieve a new level of growth you have never seen before. Growth translates to increased confidence and confidence breeds future growth and motivation to set bigger goals. It is amazing who we become when we put our best self forward in action.

My encouragement for you today is this. Commit to getting off the sidelines. Start putting more time into your goals, hobbies and ambitions in becoming your best self this year.

Talk less, do more. Let your work speak for itself. Think big, start small. You have a unique game plan which needs to be played out. Do not let that opportunity be taken away from you.

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