Why You Should Make More Mistakes

“Mistakes” are tuition well paid — learn from it and apply that lesson moving forward.

In our society, a “mistake” means you did something “wrong.” You didn’t put the square peg in the square hole. You stepped too far out of bounds. The idea didn’t go as planned. Etc.

To most of the world, avoiding “mistakes” is the name of the game. Keep your head down, put one foot in front of the other, and play it safe.

However there is a percentage of the population that knows (and these are typically the driven, achieving, entrepreneurial type) that the majority of the time, nothing all that great comes out of “never making a mistake.”

Stepping outside of the boundaries — where “mistakes” typically happen — is The Unknown. You don’t know what you’ll find. You might find a new route, a new way of doing things. You might suddenly realize the way you’ve been doing things (the supposedly” right way”) isn’t so right after all. You might discover a whole new idea, one much more promising than the one you were tunnel-visioning on before. “Mistakes,” so these sorts of people, aren’t mistakes at all. They are discoveries.

The only time a mistake is a bad thing is when you have already learned that side-step, that leap into the unknown doesn’t work — and even then, it’s a grey area. For example: If you know that spending $100,000 on a banner ad only yields you $10,000 in sales, then to repeat that over and over again would be a mistake. But if you have a hunch that by changing your tactic slightly and you test it with a smaller budget and you still fail, well then you didn’t really make a “mistake.” You were looking for a solution and you went into the unknown — and you came back with a new answer. Just don’t waste your time doing it again. Change it.

So much creativity and innovation is suppressed by the fear of making “a mistake.” Some “mistakes” are tuition well paid — assuming you learn from it and apply that lesson moving forward.

I would rather make a mistake and learn from it than be afraid of making a mistake and playing it safe forever.

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