Why you should work in a Startup?

Enter at your own risk…

If you think about the differences between working in a big company vs a startup, some ideas will come to your mind.

“Stability vs risk” and “money vs personal experience” could probably be the first ones.

I want to share what I believe are 4 positive points of joining a startup.

1. Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Being on the edge of the cliff could be stressful. However, it is also when your survival instinct awakens and you can show the best that you have inside.

In big companies, there is less risk, which also means your work could be less challenging.

Are you the type of person who feels more comfortable being told what to do or do you prefer to make your own decisions?

In a startup, you can’t avoid making decisions. You will be in the sweet spot between freedom and responsibility. The freedom of making your own decisions but assuming all the responsibility for the results of your work.

It’s all about trial and error, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The problem comes when you don’t learn from your mistakes and make these again. Before trying something new, think about the objective that you are trying to achieve and how to measure the results.

2. Become a Swiss Army Knife

“One year at a scrappy, hyper-growth startup provides experience and learnings equivalent to a much longer tenure in a larger company” — Jennifer Kim

From day-one, you will get your hands dirty. If there is a need for a designer; you will become a designer, a writer; you will become a writer, and so on.

I believe that learning by doing is the most powerful way to actually learn something. In a startup, you are constantly learning new things, applying those and measuring the results to see what works.

This is a great opportunity to realize what you are best at. You also learn how to do more with fewer resources.

3. Be Close to Innovative People

“There’s nothing more boring than working with companies who are afraid to change.” — Yoav Vilner

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there is no innovation or innovative people in big companies. However, in startups there is a need for continuous innovation and the sentence “innovate or die” is the common rule.

Moreover, startups are very horizontal organizations so you will be closer to innovative people. Instead of being in a small area of a department, you can see the big picture of the company. You know what is everyone working on, the whole process and the company’s direction.

You can learn from the decision-making process or even be part of it. I really enjoy brainstorming sessions!

4. Sense of Belonging

It’s amazing to work with people that left their stable job to follow their dream. People who have developed such a great solution to an unsolved problem that investors have decided to bet their money on.

You become part of a group of people that have the passion for what they do and follow their dream. In just a few months working in Sunshine, I feel like part of a family.

Thanks to all the people working in Sunshine for this experience! :)

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