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With Great Writing, Comes Great Vulnerability

Kristina H
Jan 20, 2019 · 6 min read

So, you want to be a writer and reach a wide world of readers?

Prepare to be vulnerable.

Prepare to write with your soul.

Mentally choose to write with your heart.

Bare yourself through words to the world

And you will see success.

All great writers are willing to lay a piece of their soul on the table. They are willing to dissect themselves for the world to see. They are able to become open and honest, leaving themselves available for predators and feasters. It’s how we communicate. Even if you are the recipient of negativity-you still REACHED them.

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There is Always an Emotional Cost.

Before you hit “publish” on a piece of writing, or send a manuscript off to an editor, you get that “feeling”. That sense of baring your soul to others who judge. It happens to all of us, who are willing to write with a connection of soul to brain to heart.

The cost, is your worry of judgement or the fear of rejection. It is never about the actual “words”, it’s always about the mental work and process you put into it. Right?

Michelle Monet recently wrote this article about how she had to block her mom on Medium. I did the same, a long time ago.

Why? Because we are vulnerable on here. We communicate through our words on topics that not everyone will read or see without judgement and consequence.

You cannot reach EVERYONE-and the people who are closest to you will most likely read between the lines of your soul words and twist them into something about them. Even though you have successfully reached them, you have made yourself vulnerable to their reactions. You have become a target for their predation if they see themselves in your writing lens.

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Writers are Unique in Their Communication

When we look at every other living, breathing being in our world, writers are the most unique.

Writing is an art of sharing what we feel, think, create from our hearts and re-arrange to bare ourselves for all to see. Other artists have the same capability but it becomes abstract-open for dispute or argument of meaning and intention.

Music lyrics may be blatant but we don’t honestly know what the writer is thinking.

Painters share their mind and soul on canvas, but we have to try and disseminate its meaning through color and context, as well as texture.

Writers are OPEN. They share pieces of themselves and splay them out in the words they form. Poetry can be more abstract, and fiction can be a tough nut to crack in determining the feelings of the writer, but in the end, it’s all words that filled their heart and soul.

Communication of the Soul

If we think of animals and how they communicate, it is interesting, in comparison to writers.

For example, a cat may make a strange, deep meow or growl, and you KNOW that something is happening for them. A dog may whine or bark, and you sense that they are needing something in their life. Because they can’t form WORDS, we are left to guess what they are asking for, or what is happening in their brains. Other cats and dogs may understand their language, but unless you speak “dog or cat” you don’t 100% comprehend what they are telling you.

Babies are the same. They make noises and sounds, utter cries or fuss, and it becomes a game to try and figure out what they are saying.

Writers have this unique ability to actually make the words come out. Words create a clear picture of a thought process, an environment, a person’s character; every last detail of what the author is trying to convey. We can read a book about the 16th century and if it is detailed enough, we can put ourselves in that world and see it through a well written character’s eyes.

If we write about ourselves, the same applies. We can literally put our soul and mental process out for everyone to see. Back in the day of letter writing, we took the time to sit and write our thoughts and feelings out for the reader to see-in black and white. It is the entire point of writing.

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So, Why Should We Feel Vulnerable?

We are all emotional. In order to write, you NEED to be emotional or there is no point of wasting your words.

You need passion. You need to be in touch with your heart. You need to be able to translate how you feel into words that are expressive, detailed and colorful. That is where great writing comes from.

Your passion bleeds through your words, no matter what you write. Your experiences ooze through every piece of your work. Your thoughts translate into visions for readers who are engaged in your craft. It’s how you become a “writer”.

It’s a double edge sword, however.

You want to be honest and open. You need to show your true inner self. You also want a piece of you to be part of every process you work through. It’s the nature of the beast.

But you need the backbone to support your writing, You need to understand that if “the wrong readers” get their hands on your work, there could be repercussions. You can try and make attempts to intervene or to hide your work, but in the end, you need to be emotionally strong enough to stand behind your words and turn your vulnerability off when it’s necessary.

When I blocked my mom, it was because she looked at a piece I wrote, and made it about her. She went to my aunt, who went to my sister, telling stories of how cruel I was for writing what I did. It became a cycle of preying on my vulnerability and attacking it in a passive aggressive manner.

It happens.

I will not let my vulnerability get in my way of being a good writer. I will always write with my soul and with my heart. Even though I have no desire to unblock my mother, I will plaster my work on Twitter, Medium and other websites in order to reach readers and fellow writers. It is my purpose for writing.

Even though vulnerability comes with great writing, I will continually put my soul and heart out for the world to see. I just need to strengthen my backbone and use my inner mental health to shake off the predators and the readers who misinterpret my art. I need to be able to hear feedback of all varieties and take what I can from it, without allowing the sting of other people’s opinions break me down.

With great power, comes great responsibility….

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But, with great writing, comes great vulnerability.

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Kristina H

Written by

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +792K followers.

Kristina H

Written by

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +792K followers.

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