Yes. You Should Buy Social Media Followers.

Geoff Pilkington
Mar 12, 2018 · 5 min read

“Hollywood is a place where people from Iowa mistake each other for stars.”

~ Fred Allen

I’m not a person who walks around telling people to buy followers on social media. But if someone asks me, my answer is always a confident “Yes”.

I’m serious.

They get all excited thinking they’re going to become Gary Vaynerchuk overnight because people see a magical number on their social media profile.

A week goes by and they think…

Now what?

A silence falls over the crowd. The fake crowd.

Here’s why I tell them to buy followers.

Buying social media followers forces your hand at turning the mirror on yourself.

And that my friends is the real value in buying them.

You come to realize that social media number on your profile is arbitrary. It doesn’t define you.

Guess who does define you?

You do.

By going out into the world and being yourself. Being real. Being true. That is more money than 1 million followers could ever give.

Your number of social media followers is just a number.

Don’t get me wrong..

I bought a few thousand back in the day. On Twitter and Instagram actually.

But I didn’t really understand it. I still don’t. My followings are my followings and that’s just great. Someone told me to do it, so I did it not really thinking much of it nor did I care.

I’m not a person who is constantly staring at my followers counts. Sure, I check them here and there we all do. But I know better than to think my self worth has anything to do with them.

So you want to be popular on social media?


The reality is, unless you are providing something of value, people other than your family and close friends just don’t care.

Be the cause. Not the effect. Stop thinking that what other people do define you. That’s the real lesson.

In 2018 we have reached the ceiling of defining self-worth based on social media followers. We need to come back down.

Now you may ask: “But Geoff, even if you advise that aren’t they locked in with some fake followers?”

I would not tell them to buy a million followers. If they had one hundred followers I might tell them to buy a few hundred. If they had one thousand followers I might tell them to buy a few thousand.

Get that out of your system. I did. Hurry up and do it so you can realize it means nothing.

People worry that because they have some fake followers that the gates of doom are going to open and expose them to the world as a phony.

News Flash: Nobody cares.

People are going to take your follower count at face value. Very few people have the time, energy, or interest to do psychoanalytical research on your followers count. Trust me.

Which finally brings me to my big point above.

Buying social media followers teaches a valuable lesson.

That lesson is that in today’s world we are admired because of our developed skills, our talent, our values, and most importantly for the value we provide and our willingness to help others. Not by phony labels.

You are not going to become Steve Jobs, Meryl Streep, or Oprah Winfrey because you have 10 k fake followers.

What will get you “followers” as we like to call it today is hard work, grind, consistency, talent, timing, and a bit of luck. But most importantly, being true to yourself and others.

To make you feel better, people were actually buying followers even pre- social media era.

Publicists place clients in tabloids and magazines to make them appear more famous. Did you know that some stars have such a great relationship with the paparazzi they call the paparazzi and let them know where they’re going to be?

PR high rollers will tell clients to go to events so they can have their photos taken by a photographer and then put in a tabloid.

Your Twitter / Instagram following is PR.

The new version of appearing in magazines.

This has really been going on for decades.

A social media marketer is 2018’s version of Publicist.

You may come to me and say “Well Geoff my fake follower count got me a great agent. It got me on the red carpet.”

To those people I’ll say “Well, I guess I was right.” ;)

It’s Win-Win.

So go ahead, buy those followers.

In conclusion, per above buying a few fake followers makes you turn the mirror on yourself. It lights a fire. You’ll say to yourself I don’t want to seem phony. I better connect with the real me and generate some…wait for it…CONTENT.

Then guess what? REAL followers show up at your door.

Know why? Because you’re real.

I dream of an era where we all recognize the fact that a person’s merit is in their developed skills, morals, ethics, beliefs, self-worth, talent, and most importantly the value we provide and our willingness to help others.

Not by the amount of followers we have on social media.

Imagine that.

So go ahead and buy those followers.

Then ask yourself…

What good did that do me?

By Geoff Pilkington

You can connect with me at:

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