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You Are Born To Resist Temptations- Here’s How

A Tale of Two Threats — Cheesecake and Saber-Tooth Tiger

A visual signal first goes from the retina to the thalamus, where it is translated into the language of the brain. Most of the message then goes to the visual cortex,
where it is analyzed and assessed for meaning and appropriate response; if that
response is emotional, a signal goes to the amygdala to activate the emotional
centers. But a smaller portion of the original signal goes straight from the
thalamus to the amygdala in a quicker transmission, allowing a faster (though less precise) response.

On the sight of Danger, your amygdala controls your behavior before you are even aware of it.

Thus the amygdala can trigger an emotional response before the cortical centers have fully understood what is happening.

Photo Credit: thebusybaker

At the sight of the cheesecake, your brain gives you a shot of dopamine which is embraced by the areas of your brain that control you attention, motivation, and action. Those dopamine messengers tell your brain that “You must have the cheesecake NOW, or you will suffer a fate worse than death.”


HRV: The Body’s Mighty Willpower Reserve and How to Unleash it

Heart Rate Variability — Photo Credit: firstbeat

Many factors influence this willpower reserve, from what you eat (plant-based diet, unprocessed food helps, junk food doesn’t) to where you live (poor air quality decreases heart rate variability — yes, L.A.’s smog may be contributing to high percentage of movie stars in rehab). Chronic illness and pain also drains your body and brain’s willpower reserve.

Breath Your Way to Increased HRV and Willpower




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