You Could Lose Your Job — You Could Also Find Yourself In The Process

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Job security can become something we feel like we need without being consciously aware of it. We make unconscious decisions in our life that are disguised as a need for job security or financial security.

The fear of losing our jobs is in the top ten fears that we all face. Not having the money come in the door can be scary as hell.

You could lose your job. The truth is you’ll never really know if you’re going to lose your job and it can happen to the smartest, most successful and most experienced people. The future of work guarantees us that job security is a fantasy of the past.

So that reality might sound like gloom and doom. You could be afraid and wonder how do I pay my rent or how do I feed my family?

There’s something far more important wrapped up in the fear of losing our jobs. There’s something far more positive that outweighs the negative effects associated with losing our job.

That positive reality is this:

You could also find yourself in the process.

Reinventing yourself

See the whole problem is that we become comfortable and used to the way things are. We’re scared of losing our jobs because it creates uncertainty.

But what if getting what you always wanted was being blocked by your need for job security?

When you let go of being afraid to lose your job, what you’re actually doing is saying yes to the unknown.

Detaching yourself from job security is how you might discover what that one thing is that you’ll love doing for work for the rest of your life. Losing your job can be one of the hardest things in the world, but from experience, it’s where all the growth is.

You’re forced to find new work.
You have to get off your ass and meet people.
You have to learn to sell yourself all over again.
You have to reconnect with what you stand for and your values.

These difficult exercises are mostly avoided when you have a safe job because they require hard work and the consequences of finding out you’re an imposter living someone else’s life are way too scary to face — let alone imagine.


I don’t want to get all spiritual on you with this blog post. What I’m really trying to convey is that finding yourself is about the following:

  • Seeing your flaws
  • Rethinking your view of the world
  • Questioning what you’ve always done
  • And possibly doing something completely different
Discovering yourself is not some kumbayah moment; it’s quite simply discovering who you could be without the safety net in your way, blocking your path.

Discovering who you could be is not some complex idea that requires hours of self-improvement books or mentors to discover. All you need is an uncomfortable environment and some uncertainty to be forced into deep thinking that cannot be avoided.

Losing your job is a catalyst, not a solution.

This catalyst can lead you on a path that you previously would never have explored or bothered with.

Free motivation

Losing your job also helps motivate you to see a different reality for your life.

The truth is that losing your job will be frustrating, difficult and like a cold shower on a Sunday morning.

You’ll think you will bounce back quickly. You’ll think getting your next career will be easy. You’ll be blinded by just how much growth you need to endure to get out of the situation.

The best part about all of this is that it will motivate you for free.

The motivation you’ve been lacking has been hiding inside of your need to have a secure job or to get your next paycheque.

Final thought

I know what I’m saying is an incredibly hard pill to swallow. Losing your job and having to endure tough times might sound like a stupid thing to crave or even hope for. It’s not until you’ve gone through it that you’ll appreciate it.

Job security might be the very thing holding you back.

Contemplate that thought for a moment.

What’s more important: job security or discovering the person you’ve always wanted to be but never knew you could be?

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