Your Startup’s Reputation Could Make Or Break Your Business

Brian Kurian
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What do people think of when they hear about your company?

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A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

-Jeff Bezos

Every startup starts at zero. When you first create your business, you have zero reputation, zero customers, zero sales, and you have a zero idea how well your business will perform throughout its lifespan.

But then over time, your business starts gaining customers, hiring employees, making sales, and functioning as it’s own entity.

Then something powerful ends up happening…

Your startup will develop its own reputation in the marketplace and in the community in which it is located.

What will that reputation be?

Your Company’s Reputation Will Precede Itself

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When potential future employees consider working for your business, what will they find out when they talk to current employees?

What kinds of things will they read and discover online when they research your startup?

In today’s world, news travels at the speed of light. In literally seconds, someone can find out about something terrible your company did and vice versa.

So what kinds of positive things are your company doing in the marketplace?

How is your startup solving society’s pain points?

How is your company impacting the world? Also, how is your startup impacting the local community?

Are the people that live in the area happy to have your business there or do they see your business as more of a nuisance than anything else?

Having a positive reputation will be crucial to your startup’s success.

People want to see businesses succeed when they like what the business represents. You will have the support of the masses if people respect what you stand for.

On the flip side, most people won’t be willing to rally behind a business that has a reputation for abusing its employees, not connecting at all with the local community, and only seems to be focused on profits. This is the type of reputation the last startup I worked at has in my local community.

A Revolving Door

Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

I’ve heard numerous people that have had friends or people they know work there and for the most part, they don’t have very good things to say about the place. Towards the end of me working at this startup, the company became a revolving door of people quitting or getting fired and new people coming in off the street to replace them.

People were getting hired and then quitting/being fired before most of us even had a chance to learn their name. It was sad but that was what the business became. The morale became derailed and the culture completely changed. Our company’s reputation in the community started to change as well during this time and it definitely was not for the better.

On the flip side though, there is another local company in my community that has a phenomenal reputation. The company’s name is Ncino. This company has the reputation of offering fantastic pay, great benefits, and most importantly, the company culture is amazing.

One of my friends that used to work with me at the startup company previously mentioned in this article works at Ncino now. My friend has told me that Ncino focuses on employee wellness and always tries to do what is best for its employees. The employees are highly valued and treated with respect. He has been working here for almost a year now and he absolutely loves it. My buddy tells me that the differences between the two companies are night and day.

So there you go.

Your business can have the best products and services but if no one respects what your startup is all about, then it will be an uphill battle for your company to succeed.

And so I ask you…

What is your startup doing today to build a phenomenal reputation for tomorrow?

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Your Turn

What kind of a reputation does your Startup have?

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