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You’re Going to Die

You’re going to die.” ~ Gary Vee

I mean, I can’t remember exactly where I was or what I was doing when I first heard that inspirational statement, but since that moment it has impacted my life like crazy!

The thing is, most people have something that they dream about. There’s a passion locked deep inside that maybe they’ve never shared with anyone before. Maybe it’s something they talk about and brainstorm for years without ever actually taking the leap. Maybe they disguise their passion or their dream as a hobby, and justify not taking it further with some of the commonly voiced reasons for not “doing.” They are scared that they’ll be rejected, ignored, ridiculed. If not that, they are concerned that they are going to damage their work/life balance, they feel like they don’t have anything of value to offer, they feel like they need permission, or they’re scared they are starting too late.

Truthfully, all of these concerns and fears are valid. I totally get it! I have to overcome most of them on a daily basis. Here’s how I’m able to do that and how you can too!

Focus on Your Theme (your “why”)

When I start to get distracted by life or feel the weight of one of the fears I reference above, I remind myself of my purpose, my theme.

My purpose is to awaken people to the creativity and power they hold that will help them accomplish their dreams. I’m here to provide the tools, encouragement, and inspiration necessary for them to be successful. In a nutshell, I want to help people live the life they dream about.

If you are struggling with finding your theme, the simple answer is to think about the thing you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Once you have a somewhat clear picture of that thing, you chase with reckless abandon.

Once you have this firmly captured in your mind, you can refer back to it. For me, it’s been like a lighthouse signalling ships during a storm. When I get upset about the lack of response or disheartened by a negative response, I’m able to come back to this. It’s not about responses from a few people, it’s about consistently following my theme.

Put Blinders On

As you walk the path toward your dreams, you are going to be distracted by things that are meant to throw off your progress and by things that are masquerading as valuable ideas to implement. While innovation and growth are excellent, you also have to be sure you don’t allow those things get in the way of your strengths. Focus on what you are best at and do that. If you want to add something, do it incrementally and carefully. Don’t let it overshadow or derail your plans or intentions.

Another way you need to have blinders on is something I referenced a bit earlier. You WILL be disappointed, let down, and discouraged on this path. You will experience highs like you can’t imagine and lows that threaten to crush the life out of your dreams in the same day. Overcoming this is simply stated, but incredibly difficult to implement — You must realign yourself with your vision/passion/theme, examine your current position, and take the next step. If you are expecting to have all the answers before you start, you’re not being realistic and that mindset is going to make your dreams seem ever out of reach. I recently saw this comic that I feel sums this paradox up quite nicely:

Don’t Accept Apathy

When things are tough, when you’re up in the air and aren’t sure how you are going to keep the plane in the air, and when you are taking shots from friends, trolls, acquaintances, and influencers alike. Despite this, you are going to have to press forward on willpower alone. You will feel like zoning out and giving in. Doing this only hurts you and your progress. It makes taking the next step and continuing your journey that much more difficult.

Step back up to the plate and get ready for the next pitch, video, article, or client meeting. Believe in yourself, give yourself permission to keep pressing against the flow of life that’s seeking to stop you and take another swing. You’ve got this!

I’m Here to Help!

It sometimes seem silly to include this in the articles I write, but I mean it wholeheartedly. If there’s anything that I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I LOVE helping people, I believe in the power of positivity, perseverance, and consistency, and know that you can accomplish your goals if you’ll buy into those things as well.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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