You’re Paying Too Much For Marketing Solution Software

Photo by Philip Swinburn on Unsplash

Far too many companies are spending money on things they don’t need. There are tools for data analysis, influencer search, messenger bots and everything in between. But do you really need it? In most cases, the answer is NO.

For smaller companies, it’s VERY easy to fall into the trap of buying solutions that could potentially make life easier. However, what usually happens is that they fall into a very well planned marketing funnel. They start looking at things they don’t REALLY need, and are really just nice to have. This is especially true for companies with 5 or less people.

What also happens, is that people feel like they’ve done something when they start paying for a service. But what they don’t realise is that their scale is so small that the basic tools that are available for free can do a good enough job. Looking for help in Data Analysis? There are a tonne of free Google tools that you should use. Influencer search? You can DM the influencers that already like your brand, or you’ve already identified as having the core demographic that’s aligned with your product (and also makes sense for collaboration). Messenger bots? Unless you’re getting 5–10 messages each day, you simply don’t need it – just copy and paste the most common questions you get.

Marketing solutions exist because people are lazy. It’s important to realise that they’re selling you something (duh!). Only consider these tools when you’ve maximised the tools that are available to you. Also, realise that buying these tools doesn’t automatically mean that you’re product/website/sales are improved – you still need to put in the effort to use the tools properly and adjust/adapt as needed!

Above all else, consider your scale! For example if you’re only posting once a week on social media — you don’t need a tool to do so! Use the basic tools, they’re more than sufficient for what you’re doing (spend the money on coffee or something else instead).

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive (and being expensive doesn’t automatically mean it’s more effective) Here are some free tools to consider (many I use personally):

UNSPLASH— free stock photos (crediting the artist is recommended!)

WETRANSFER — free (large) file transfers

CANVA — free image design tool

BUZZSUMO — free content (+competitive) analyzer

TRELLO —free project tracker (can be used for a variety of things)

AND CO — free invoicing/project time tracking tool

UBERSUGGEST — free keyword suggest tool

GOOGLE ANALYTICS — free website analytics tool

ICONFINDER — free vector files/logos

GOOGLE FONTS — free fonts

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