2018 Swytch Year in Review

2019 is almost upon us, which is the perfect time to reflect on a very productive and eventful year. The world of blockchain fundamentally changed as the year evolved. Yet, instead of getting caught up in the fray, the founders of Swytch focused on technology development and our future business model, and the mission of the Token Commons Foundation. This proved to be a wise decision because Swytch is standing tall with an enterprise-ready platform, positioned for greater success in 2019.

While the blockchain industry was riding a rollercoaster of ups and downs, our development team delivered an enterprise-ready and scalable product, and the leadership team worked tirelessly to secure partnerships and pilot programs. During the first half of 2018, we delivered an alpha version of our software that leveraged e2m’s network of renewable power generation across Germany to test our data interpretation and dissemination protocols. This led to an opportunity during the fall to join a consortium of companies working together to deliver a solar solution for a specific school in Puerto Rico, which we will look to pilot in early 2019 and then extend from there. For Swytch, this was our beta, where we rolled out our product to test functionality and end-to-end processing. Confident in the results we achieved, we launched our enterprise-scale product during the 4th quarter. As we continue to refine the user interface for ease of use and additional functionality, we have successfully introduced a number of enterprise-level registrants to the product.

The strategic partnerships we developed and extended during 2018 are now the foundation on which we will deliver enterprise-level success in the year ahead. Our partners have walked the walk with us; and now with them, and those who join us in the future, we will accelerate progress to a sustainable planet.

No reflection on 2018 would be complete without a sincere note of thanks to our South Korean community, without whom the road we traveled would have been considerably more difficult. They have been with us since late 2017, and continue to be some of our most active advocates.

2019 is shaping up to be a bright and busy year for Swytch. We will:

  • Expand our partnerships
  • Onboard new registrants
  • Continue to refine and extend the product

And we will:

  • Expand our cooperation with environmental advocacy organizations
  • Increase global awareness of the unique solution Swytch provides
  • Expand adoption of our platform in the governmental and corporate spheres
  • Bring individual producers onto the platform

“Closing out 2018, I reflect on a year with incredible challenges and incredible opportunities. What we have built is a testament to our team’s effort to be focused on a core mission and accomplishing something every day to get us one step closer to solving some of the worlds biggest problems. We have come so far in the last year, from building a strong international community of partners and supporters to growing our core team and working with an incredible extended team of world-class thinkers and doers. The year ahead will be filled with many challenges, and opportunities to solve them and we are well positioned to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves”, said Evan Caron, CEO of Swytch.