I Have a Girl Crush on Dita Von Teese

What she taught me about perfection, rejection, and peaches

Jun 15 · 3 min read

Dita Von Teese is a burlesque dancer, author, and fetish model who was once married to Marilyn Manson. She exudes confidence whether she is wearing lingerie, vintage couture, or nothing at all.

I want to be her.

Despite being an absolute goddess when she is onstage, or offstage, Dita Von Teese has admitted to interviewers that her persona is an act. She claims to have flaws — hard to believe — but she has a personal policy of keeping her insecurities to herself.

“I make a point to never, ever point out my physical flaws… this is advice I give to women as often as I can. People don’t notice the things we see in ourselves that we hate, so why direct them to it?”

Despite her advice not to point out her physical flaws, she has admitted in interviews that she doesn’t think she has the best legs or the prettiest face. I respectfully disagree, but I give her credit for speaking out in order to make other women feel better — women like me.

Something else I learned from Dita Von Teese is that it’s not enough to complain about the things you don’t like about yourself. Sometimes it’s appropriate to take action.

She didn’t like her breasts. So she got breast implants, and she’s very happy with them. I’m not surprised. They look amazing. That doesn’t mean all women who don’t like their breasts should get implants — not at all. It just means there are options.

In Dita Von Teese’s line of work, getting breast implants was the best option for her. It was her decision to make, and she made it.

I’m dissatisfied with my breasts, but I’ve made the decision not to have surgery. That’s my decision to make, and I made it. It’s not about plastic surgery, it’s about empowerment.

It’s about empowerment.

Dita Von Teese once wore clear teeth aligners to straighten a crooked tooth that no one else could even see. It was a physical quality that bothered her, even if she was the only one who knew about it. So she did something about it, and now that one offending tooth is back in line with the others.

It’s all about making a decision that suits you personally — regardless of what other people may think. Sometimes well-meaning people will tell me I don’t need to lose weight or I shouldn’t cut my hair or change my hair color. Those are the times I remind myself that it’s not about what others see. It’s about what I feel.

What if you’re satisfied with yourself after working hard to be the best version of yourself that you can be, and someone rejects you anyway? Dita Von Teese has advice on that as well, and her advice has definitely gotten me through some hard times and helped me look at rejection from a different perspective.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

I’m still working on being the ripest, juiciest peach I can be, but thanks to Dita Von Teese, I know that imperfection and rejection just come with the territory — and that’s okay. If she can handle it, then so can I.

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Sx by traceybyfire

This is an archive of stories from traceybyfire that feature adult content.