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Monitoring Your Competitors

Or how to discover new players in your niche before they even exist

Michal Mazurek
Aug 6 · 3 min read

I founded Syften to help me keep track of what people were saying about my and my competitors’ products.

Monitoring My Niche

One of those products is Code Dog, a Pull Request reminder for Slack. Since GitHub acquired Pull Panda and started providing it for free I’ve been serving an even smaller niche: GitLab and BitBucket. Naturally, I’ve configured Syften to help me with my marketing and, as you can see, with a little spying on Pull Panda. These were my filters:

// code dog
"code dog"
slack gitlab
slack bitbucket
"pull reminders"
"pull panda"
"abi noda" author:abinoda author:abinoda

This provided me with a stream of information allowing me to stay on top of my niche.

In addition to that I wanted to see what’s going on in the Slack bot world, so I added an extra rule:

// misc "slack bot"

A Challenger Appears

I’ve forgotten all about my filters and went back to coding when just a week or two later I saw this among my matches:

Sounds familiar! A quick glance at the website reveals that mr. confact is working on a “Slack bot for Gitlab Merge Request reviews” that helps you “Get daily reminders on Slack about your Merge Requests on Gitlab waiting to be reviewed or approved.”. Exactly what Code Dog does! Maybe he saw how awesome Code Dog was and decided to copy it. Or, more realistically, he never knew that it existed. In any case, I better keep an eye on him, I’ve expanded my filters:

// code dog
... author:confact

A New Syften Alternative

Why shouldn’t I at least consider this guy’s ideas? After all, great artists steal. I found this potential new player by monitoring old players:

// Syften


If you work in a small niche it’s possible to monitor it in its entirety. Keep your finger on the pulse.


Real-time Social News Sifting |

Michal Mazurek

Written by

Entrepreneur and founder. I divide my time between my products and dancing the Tango. I live in Krakow, Poland



Real-time Social News Sifting |

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