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The Best Tech Roles After Consulting

Deciphering the Silicon Valley jargon

Two consultants laughing at these confusing job titles. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Image from ProProfs
What do these job titles seriously all mean? Image from Facebook Careers
  1. Perfect Fit: these jobs are a direct translation of the skills that consultants build; the learning curve will be very gentle in these roles
  2. Okay Fit: consultants can thrive in these jobs, but candidates are going to need to tailor their story and experiences to be competitive in the hiring process
  3. Additional Work Needed: many former consultants break into these roles, but consultants will need to go above and beyond in order to get one of these jobs; additional work experience or education may help

The Perfect Fit Roles

Corporate Strategy

Business Operations

Image from Medium

Chief of Staff

  • Operating model: a CoS ensures that everything runs smoothly for a leader’s team — setting the meeting cadence, the staff meeting agenda to give prioritized visibility to the leader, the sub-team objectives to ensure individual incentives are aligned with the team goal, and reporting of said objectives
  • Organizational liaison: a CoS is the connective tissue across the leader’s team, as well as between the team and the broader company — synthesizing the most relevant and high-priority information to a leader; helping a leader prepare for conversations with the Board, CEO, or other executives; taking the first pass at internal and external comms for the leader
  • Special projects: a leader often delegates confidential and high-priority problems for the CoS to resolve. This looks a lot like a BizOps role, where a CoS may be tasked with changing the team’s organizational structure, reimagine the recruiting process, or look at macro-trends affecting the team.
Kinda like Ron Klain but not really. Image from Politico

Product Marketing

Image from Medium

Program Management

Swimlanes tracker from Asana. Image from Asana

The Okay Fit Roles

Strategic Finance / FP&A

Corporate Development

StratFin and CorpDev are the banker jobs. Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Business Development / Strategic Partnerships

Growth / Digital Marketing / Marketing Analytics

Image from Oberlo

Product Operations

Image from Product-Led Institute

Product Analytics

You’ll need to use Tableau to build analytics dashboards for internal stakeholders. Image via Tableau

The Additional Work Needed Roles

Data Science

You better know how Monte Carlo methods work! Image from Towards Data Science

Product Management

Image from Mind the Product

People & Communications

Product Designer

A Product Designer drawing wireframes. Image from Adobe

Everything Else

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Hey! We’re Sygmo, former management consultants who branched out into tech in Product and BizOps roles. As candidates and as hiring managers, we’ve been through countless interviews and know the tricks of the trade.

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