GECKO Governance awards Sylo the stamp of approval

Anabela Rea
Sep 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Because we told you — we mean business.

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Sylo are the first in the world for our sector to be awarded the GECKO Stamp of Attestation.

It was with great pride on Monday 17 September 2018, Sylo officially received the first ICO compliance verification to be awarded by industry authenticators GECKO Governance.

Known as the GECKO Stamp of Attestation, the stamp is awarded to projects that meet GECKO Crypto1 governance standards of ICO compliance, with the purpose of providing investors with transparency, compliance and accountability into their crypto investments wrote The Daily Telescope.

The verification process included meeting all published crypto rules from global jurisdictions and incorporated best practise governance framework from the independent industry non-profit, the ICO Governance Foundation.

“GECKO Crypto1 has completed a detailed compliance and due diligence review covering of all aspects of the project and we are delighted to officially award the GECKO Stamp of Attestation to Sylo,” said GECKO Governance CEO, Shane Brett.

“Being awarded the stamp from GECKO has been great validation for our project and team, considering the effort we put in to making sure we do everything the right way,” Sylo’s business director, Dorian Johannink, had to say regarding the good news.

“Going through the process with GECKO was helpful for making sure that we tick all the right boxes and also helped us to identify other areas that we could potentially address better.”

“Sylo is leading the way in providing world class communication between decentralised applications,” said Brett. “This stamp will be the first of what we hope is many awarded to ICO and crypto projects that want to act in the most transparent, compliant manner possible.”

GECKO Governance is the world’s first Blockchain RegTech regulatory solution for financial compliance. Implemented on blockchain, GECKO’s new Crypto1 platform, ensures trusted, secure, decentralised compliance across the entire ecosystem of data providers and consumers.

In a still emerging industry some might compare to the ‘wild west’ of old, if you’re not a ‘cowboy’, then transparency matters.

“As people can appreciate, this industry has fallen victim to some bad perceptions due to some less than credible projects,” said Johannink.

“We’re moving towards better self-regulation and governance as a space, and we think this important. This is a big part of why we undertook the process with GECKO and we hope other projects in the industry follow suit.”

Become part of the Sylo world now by registering for our token event set to begin on 18 October 2018.

Got more questions? Just want to give us a high-five? Chat to us now on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook.


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