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Anabela Rea
Jun 14 · 7 min read
From left, it’s Sylo’s Design team: Designer Hamish MacDonald, UX/UI Designer Alice Shevela, Head of Design James Carolan, and UX/UI Designer Greta Gotlieb.

Which part of frontend design is your specialty?

Greta: My specialty is layout (I have a background in magazines) and User Interface design — icon design. But I also code and make designs for Sylo’s website, work on occasional jobs for the marketing team, and work on layout and design for proposals.

Do your family and friends understand what you do?

Greta: My friends in tech have an idea about what I do, everyone else… not so much. My mother is impressed that I can code and I know she tells her friends that I work ‘on the Blockchain’.

UX/UI Designer Greta Gotlieb.

Tell us about what you’re working on at the moment:

Greta: At the moment I’m working through a list of tasks we have created from our user testing results. I find it so interesting to have all this data to help us make design decisions, but we also have to take into account the challenges of building something with blockchain technologies.

What part of your area of work do you find most challenging and why?

Greta: The design team could possibly be called Fight Club; we are all passionate about making Sylo best in the world, so we have a lot of passionate debate. It’s the most challenging but also the most rewarding part of my role.

Designer Hamish MacDonald.

What do you think ‘the next big thing’ for your area of tech will be and why?

Greta: Perhaps we will be replaced by AI one day! (Although it is pretty unlikely according to:

What issue relevant to our industry concerns you the most right now and why?

Greta: Tech companies that are focused on building products that benefit their profit margins rather than humanity. Device addiction and big data is giving these entities untold power… and I’m not confident that ethics are included in their business plan. Luckily companies like Sylo are giving people a choice.

UX/UI Designer Alice Shevela.

What’s a misunderstood thing about your job that you’d like to clear up?

Greta: That data privacy is only for odd people with something to hide, rather than a human right to have private communication.

Make a prediction for where technology will be at in five years time:

Greta: Perhaps I’ll be paying for my bills with crypto and buying a coffee with a small chip in my fourth finger.

From left, it’s the design team: Hamish, Alice, Jimmy, and Greta.


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