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No, We Don’t Need Another Green Revolution

But if we do, we’ll at least have pretty things to look at while we deal with our chemically-induced cancer.

“The global population is skyrocketing, the climate is changing, and diets are shifting. So how do you tackle the problem of feeding 9 billion people by 2050? Assemble an elite team of scientists for a year-long brainstorming session… What’s needed is akin to a moonshot. Or as committee co-chair John D. Floros put it, a “green revolution 2.0.””

I wrote this article before I heard of MAGAnomics. (image: L Street Collab.)
We have literally no examples of this. (image: Wikipedia)

We Don’t Need a Moonshot. We Need a Global “Come to Jesus” Meeting about Food

That would be Jesus, who can probably be found here wearing diapers and being denied bathroom breaks so you can have 99 cent chicken nuggets, you ungrateful bastard. (photo from NBC news)
  • A massive reallocation of public funding toward farms and foodscapes that mimic the natural, local ecology — improving their resilience and diversity of their yields, and dramatically increasing the number of places that can produce food.
  • A global effort to discover, document, and apply ancestral foodways. Colonialism has cast a long shadow over much of the world, having forced vast swaths of the global community, at gunpoint, to forget their traditional knowledge around food — nearly all of which was tailored to food production and consumption in ways that were best for and wholly owned by those local communities



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