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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja 203/365 — Aadum Neram

Slowly moving to sarakku/bothai based songs. Let’s see some interesting selections. Starting with one of my favourites

Day 203/365

Aadum Neram Idhuthan

Movie: Soorasamharam
Director: Chitra Lakshmanan
Actors: Pallavi, Kamal Hassan, Nirosha
Singers: P Susheela & Chorus
Lyricist: Gangai Amaren

Audio version

Video Version




Sylvianism started as a personal blog that views and skews of Sylvian Patrick. Now it is slowly moving towards a multi-authored blog with writers from different walks of life. You will find articles on movies, music, marketing, food, gender issues, politics, humour and poetry.

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Sylvian Patrick

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