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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II — 162/365 — Maane Maragathame

Prashanth was churning out more movies than any other actor at one point in time — He was doing more than 4–5 movies a year — when Vijay Sethupathi had six releases last year, it was considered a record. Mohan had ten releases in one year (1982)!!! (can you even imagine that?)

Enga Thambi was just another action entertainer that was aimed at making Prashanth as an action hero (which never happened). And of course, the music was brilliant in the movie.

Song: Maane Maragathame
Movie: Enga Thambi (1993)
Director: SD Saba
Singers: Mano, S Janaki
Actors: Prashanth, Subhashri
Lyricist: Vaali

Audio version

Video Version



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