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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 135/365 — Maanukkum Meenukkum

The 80s and 90s Tamil movies had a wonderful thing that I dearly miss these days — female solo or group songs. These songs will be mostly to introduce the heroine and it will not be about the man in their life. The female songs these days are mostly about the men in their life. Songs like Chinna Kuyil Paadum (Poove Poochudava), Oho Megam Vandhathu ( Mouna Ragam), Oh Kalai Kuyilgale (Unnai Vazhthi Paadugiren), Vanna Poongavanam (Eeramana Rojave) celebrate the sheer joy in a woman’s life.

Today’s song is one such song that talks about exudes the happiness and independence of a group of young women. The flowing beats, flute interlude backed up by strings and an interesting mix of pads and mridangam in the second interlude, makes this song eclectic. But the most brilliant part is the base tune that’s flowing and both the Charanams end in Swarasthanams. According to my Carnatic expert, the song is Aabheri based.

Day 135/365

Song: Maanukkum Meenukkum
Movie: Parvathi Ennai Paradi (1993)
Singers: S Janaki and Chorus
Lyricist: Piraisoodan
Actors: Sri Parvathi, Lalitha Kumari
Director: V Sekar

Audio Version

Video Version



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