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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 160/365 — Kanindhu Varum Neram

I featured the fiery Poradada Vaalenthada from Alai Osai earlier in the season. The movie is about a young man who first tries to protest for his people’s rights peacefully takes up violence to save them from the clutches of casteist rich zamindar and his stooges.

The movie did have commercial elements (as they call them) and during that period there wasn’t a movie without the dance number of Anuradha or Silk Smitha. This movie too had an Anuradha dance number forced into the narrative as a pre-climax song.

There is a precursor scene to the song in which Anuradha insults Vijayakanth’s character. Now, Vijayakanth being a leader of a protest gang kidnaps her group and forces her to dance. The number starts with Vijayakanth whipping Anuradha and Janaki giving her trademark sensuous grunting sounds (pretty reminiscent to Pattathu Rani from Sivandha Mann). The actual song begins as a continuation of the grunting sound with the guitar in the background, and then the percussion hits you like a bolt. The song is percussion-based, and you can hear various instruments throughout the song with guitars making guest appearances. The first interlude is Shehnai based while the second interlude is an eclectic mix of Janaki’s voice, guitars and Shehnai. Janaki in he own inimitable style aces the song.

The song is as crazy as I have described here. You will know when you listen to it. Be careful about the sounds at the start of the song, but you will shake your legs when you listen to the beats.

Day 160/365

Song: Kanindhu Varum Neram
Movie: Alai Osai (1985)
Singers: S Janaki
Lyricist: Kamakodiyan
Actors: Anuradha, Vijayakanth,Goundamani, Senthil, Haja Sheriff
Director: Sirumugai Ravi

Audio Version

Video Version



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