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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 186/365 — Varuga Varugave

Manaivi Ready is a quirky album. None of the songs fit into the usual pattern of Tamil film songs. Even the movie has a quirky storyline as I have mentioned before in the series. Take the song that I have chosen today; it’s a group song, a final year school student gets married to his friend’s sister to help her family. The song is picturised when he gets back to the school.

His friends and classmates are singing a song to make fun, but it’s not your typical teasing song that you see. It’s a complex Carnatic based song tuned in Mohanam. The song starts with Gemini Pictures Logo tune (yeah literally) and then it enters into a beautiful prelude with mridangam, morsing and female chorus. Morsing plays a vital role in the song. The veena, violin and female jathis in the first interlude moves to complete drums based western orchestration. The second interlude is similar with guitar and drums interspersed with the chorus. The lyrics is hilarious, and it’s a perfect example of how to make a teasing song yet be entirely musical underneath. The song is rendered by Deepan Chakravarthy, MS Rajeshwari and chorus.

Day 186/365

Song: Varuga Varugave
Movie: Manaivi Ready (1986)
Singers: Deepan Chakravarthy, Rajeshwari and Chorus
Lyricist: Vaali
Actors: Pandiarajan and many others
Director: Pandiarajan



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