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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 196/365 — Then Kulathile

Ezhuthatha Sattangal is one of the movies that Sivaji Ganesan and Prabhu acted together. It was a remake of Malayalam movie titled Aarambham (1982).

The pieceI have chosen is an absolute cracker of a song that is based on Sriranjani raga while the orchestration is a rock based brilliance with guitars, drums and trumpets. The energy of the song is infectious with Janaki’s vocals and each of instruments challenging each other. it’s an absolute exposition of what Ilaiyaraaja is known far.

Day 196/365

Song: Then Kulathile
Movie: Ezhuthatha Sattangal (1984)
Singer: S Janaki
Lyricist: Pulamaipithan
Actors: Anuradha, Vijayalakshmi, Vijayarekha, Nambiar, RS Manohar
Director: K Shankar

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