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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 21/365 — Maanjolai Kili Irukku

A detour from the disco songs that I have been posting. A beautiful folk melody and this movie has some beautiful folk numbers. There are a lot of flute based songs in Ilaiyaraaja’s list and in this song, the flute is more of an accompanying voice to Ilaiyaraaja’s voice.

The song has the same pattern as Aathadi Paavadai from Poovilangu and might remind of you that song. Amman Kovil Thiruvizha is one of the later movies to have Nizhalgal Ravi as the lead actor. The movie is directed by Murugan Kalaignanam, son of writer Kalaignanam (who is credited as the writer for this movie too).

The film also has a beautiful song “Naan Sonnal Kelamma” which I featured in Season I. I have given the link below. Don’t miss it. It’s a staple song in my playlist.

Day 21/365

Song: Maanjolai Kili Irukku
Movie: Amman Kovil Thiruvizha
Singer: Ilaiyaraaja
Lyricist: N Kamarajan
Actors: Nizhalgal Ravi, Kanaka
Director: Murugan Kalaignanam

Blast from the past

Don’t miss this beauty from the same movie.



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