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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 229/365 — Aavaram Kaatukkul

Archanai Pookal had some scintillating songs and I have already featured a song from the movie in Season I.

The song that I have chosen today is beautiful folk melody that serves as the title song for the movie when the hero is arriving to a village. The song starts with a beautiful santoor prelude and the tabla takes over the song. The mandolin ( I think so) plays a major role with the flute interludes interspersed with table backing. Uma Ramanan and Malaysia Vasudevan complete the ensemble with their beautiful voices. The way Raaja has tuned the second part of the charanams is quite different when the singers sing the same verses in two different modulations.

Day 229/365

Song: Aavaram Kaatukkul
Movie: Archanai Pookal (1982)
Singers: Uma Ramanan, Malaysia Vasudevan
Lyricist: Kannadasan
Actors: Chandrasekhar, Mohan, Rajalakshmi, Subhadra



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