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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 341/365 — Poove Varuga/Pooche Vayase

Asadhyuralu is a 1993 movie produced and directed by Bhanumathi in which she plays a do-gooder of sort to help people. I have already posted a song written on Bhanumathi and sung by Ilaiyaraaja from the same movie.

The song that I have chosen today is a duet by Mano and Chithra. The song starts with beautiful prelude of strings and flute. The song is based on a Tabla rhythm. Flute, strings and mandolin form the interludes. The flute in the second interlude deserves a special mention. The song is a mellifluous duet that will seep into your heart.

I have posted both Telugu and Tamil versions, choose your language and enjoy.

Song: Poove Varuga/Pooche Vayase
Movie: Periyamma/Asadhyuralu (1993)
Director: Bhanumathi Ramakrishna
Singers: Mano, KS Chithra
Actors: Prashanthi, Sharmila, Vijay
Lyricist: Vaali, N/A for Telugu

Tamil Version

Telugu Version



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