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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 348/365 — Aalamaram Melamarum

I don’t think many of you would know that this movie existed. The movie was a failure and so this song went unnoticed.

The song is a beautiful folk sung by Bhavatharini and Unni Krishnan. The rhythm is provided by Gada Singari (possibly) but backed by strings in the background. The interludes have this beautiful violins in the background while the percussion and flute in the front. Each charanam starts with a beautiful short aalapana by Unnikrishnan and the chorus takes over. The second interlude has this nagaswaram piece instead of flute.

A special mention to the lyrics that gives so much postivity and also a lot of videos/websites have mentioned the first line as Aalamaram Velamaram but it’s Aalamaram Mel Amarum (ஆலமரம் மேலமரும்).

Day 348/365

Song: Aalamaram Melamarum
Movie: Senthooram (1998)
Singers: Bhavatharini, Unnikrishnan
Lyricist: N/A
Actors: Devayani, Moorthy
Director: Sangaman

Audio Version

Video Version



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