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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 354/365 — Enge Nee Sendralum

Kannukulle released in 2009 and went without a trace. The movie has a lot of violin solos as the hero is a violin player. The song that I have chosen today also starts with an amazing solo violin with other strings backing up.

The song is based in Madhyamavathi raga. The background rhythm is a melodic synth based and the interludes have the similar baroque style solo violin in the foreground and group violins in the background interspersed with flute. Although the beats are synth based, the end of the interludes gives a nod to Madhyamavathi and the song doesn’t deviate from the raaga. Also, listen to the cello intercuts in the charanams.

A beautiful melody lost in the stream of things because of a bad movie.

Day 354/365

Song: Enge Nee Sendralum
Movie: Kannukulle (2009)
Singers: Karthik and Bela Shende
Lyricist: Mu Metha
Actors: Mithun Tejasvi, Anumol
Director: Lena Moovendar

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