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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 355/365 — Kannanukku Enna Vendum

Dhanam didn’t do well except for reviews praising Sangeetha’s performance as the lead. But, there was this one song everyone missed to notice.

The song is point of discussion in some of the forums regarding the raga of the song. Although some of them point out that the raga could be Nagagandhari, apparently there are some swaras that doesn’t fit the raga. Only if Ilaiyaraaja tells us, we would know what Raga it is.

The reason for the discussion is the complexity of the song, both the tune and the orchestration. The song starts straightaway with Bhavatharini’s voice and a backing of a light drums, bass and interspersed with veena. The first interlude has this beautiful conversation between flute and violing. The thalam switches in the charanam. The second interlude is again veena, violin and the flute having a conversation. Again, the thalam swtiches in the second charanam in which Sriram Parthasarathy and Prasanna joins as male voices. The end jathi swarams by both singers with violin and mridangam is a delight. One other important aspect to note is the lyrics by Vishali Kannadasan.

I wish people listen to such beauties before claiming that Raaja didn’t do anything after 2000s.

Day 355/365

Song: Kannanukku Enna Vendam
Movie: Dhanam (2008)
Singers: Bhavatharini, Sriram Parthasarathy, Prasanna
Lyricist: Vishali Kannadasan
Actors: Sangeetha, Prem, Girish Karnad
Director: G Shiva

Audio Version

Video Version



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