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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 365/365 — Indha Raasava Nambi

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When I started this series, I didn’t think I will be able to complete the series. As always, Ilaiyaraaja has provided me the opportunity to explore his music, identify those nuances, the ragas that he has used and crazy instrumentation. I have found new songs that I haven’t listened before. I have learnt new Raagas that I didn’t know before.

All because of this one man, who nothing but spends his life entertaining us, keeping us sane and making us sleep peacefully at night. I always say there is an Ilaiyaraaja song for every moment in our life.

But what about a mass song for Ilaiyaraaja’s life. I think Ilaiyaraaja would be the first music composer to have a mass song written for him. Sung by him, he actually breaks the fourth wall through Ramarajan. The director Bose, was even more a bigger fan of Raaja, that he pans to his pictures throughout the film.

Piraisoodan, who has written the lyrics for the song has made sly references to a poet in the second stanza and I guess this is a reference to Vairamuthu because when the movie released, Vairamuthu and Ilaiyaraaja had parted ways. The tune, lyrics, and the beats sets up this perfect mass-masala number and the song might remind you of Enkitta Mothathe (and I think that’s Ponnadiyan’s ode to Ilaiyaraaja)

Thanks to each and everyone of you who followed this series, encouraged me, asking me questions and making suggestions. You are the best. I will be taking a break for the next few months to focus on my academic work and over the weekend I will post some interesting stats on the series.

Day 365/365

Song: Indha Raasava Nambi Vandha Yaarum
Movie: Pongi Varum Kaveri (1989)
Singers: Ilaiyaraaja
Lyricist: Piraisoodan
Actors: Ramarajan, Sripriya, Malaysia Vasudevan & Natraj
Director: T.K. Bose

Audio Version

Video Version



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