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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 52/365 — Thiruda Thiruda

Enakku Naane Needipathi is yet another SA Chandrasekhar — Vijayakanth revenge movie that’s based on the law loopholes. I featured Ichandru Ichandru from the same movie in Season I.

The song chosen today is a fantastic melody mellifluously rendered by Chithra. The song does have the staple Ilaiyaraaja interludes and I am not going to explain it. The song has a hilarious end (that borders into cringe) in the movie though.

Day 52/365

Song: Thiruda Thiruda
Movie: Enakku Naane Needipathi (1986)
Singer: KS Chithra
Lyricist: Muthulingam
Actors: Vijayakanth, Jeevitha
Director: SA Chandrasekhar




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