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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 68/365 — Adi Kizhakkala

After the massive hit of En Rasavin Manasile (1991), Kasthuri Raja did movies with Deva that didn’t work out well for both of them. He came back to Ilaiyaraaja with Naatupura Paatu. In an interview, Kasthuri Raja said he was quite apprehensive about approaching Raaja again, but without any doubts, Ilaiyaraaja agreed to score music. Kasthuri Raja says that he didn’t have a story to challenge Raaja and he got the idea when he travelled to a small village near Theni for a festival. He talked to the folk artists, and their experiences were strung to form a story.

Kasthuriraja was the school classmate of Jeeva, Ilaiyaraaja’s wife. Ilaiyaraaja asked Kasthuri Raja to work with Karthik Raja to score the background music for the movie, but Kasthuri Raja insisted that he wanted Raaja himself. Jeeva influenced the decision, and when Ilaiyaraaja came back, he was sick, but even then he scored the music for the movie. It’s funny how Kasthuri Raja explains the entire thing in this video but shows how professional Ilaiyaraaja is.

Adi Kizhakkale is a beautiful kummi (a Tamil folk without musical instruments) based song but also pictured on the love story of one of the lead pairs. The interludes show the relationship between the pair and so they have beautiful flute interludes.

The song was rendered by Arun Mozhi and Devi Neithiyar. Devi is the daughter and disciple of TV Gopalakrishnan (popularly known as TVG). Ilaiyaraaja learnt Carnatic music from TVG.

Day 68/365

Song: Adi Kizhakkale
Movie: Naatupura Paatu (1996)
Singers: Devi Neithiyar and Arun Mozhi
Lyricist: Kasthuri Raja
Actors: Selva and Anusha (I think so but not sure)
Director: Kasthuri Raja

Video Version (would suggest you watch this)



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