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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 84/365 — Ponmani Ponmanikkum

Gangai Amaren, in a recent interview, said that they were making two movies at the same time. One was Annanukku Jey and the other one was Karagattakaran. Distributors were keener on Annanukku Jey and less welcoming to Karagattakaran. But the latter was a blockbuster and still holds some of the records in the Tamil Movie industry.

Owing to that success, Annakku Jey became a huge flop because of a lacklustre storyline and with that took away some of the beautiful songs. It has even a Rajinish opening song for Arjun (will feature that later) but the song that I have chosen is a beautiful sensuous duet between SP Balasubramaniam and KS Chithra.

The interludes are my favourite with some fantastic strings backup and flutes. The song is backed by programmed drums section and to top of it all, SPB’s singing totally overpowering Chithra in the song. SPB loves such songs.

Additional Trivia: MS Bhaskar is listed as a debutant in the movie.

Day 84/365

Song: Ponmani Ponmanikku
Movie: Annankku Jey (1989)
Singers: SP Balasubramaniam, KS Chithra
Lyricist: Gangai Amaren
Actors: Arjun, Krithika
Director: Gangai Amaren

Audio Version

Video Version (at your own risk)



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