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Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season III — 96/365 — Nilavai Sutri

Post-2000s, Tippu was a regular feature in Ilaiyaraaja songs and some of the songs went unnoticed because the movies didn’t do well. One of the reasons why there is a myth that Ilaiyaraaja didn’t make great music post-2000 is because the movies didn’t do well.

Madhu is one such movie and already I featured “Ketkavillaya” in the first season and in fact, the background score is quite captivating in this movie. This song has a beautiful hook at the start and takes on a wonderful trip with Tippu’s voice backed up by electronic pads, synth and guitar.

Day 96/365

Song: Nilavai Sutri
Movie: Madhu (2006)
Singer: Tippu
Lyricist: N/A (Could be Na Muthukumar or Vaali or Muthulingam)
Actors: Jithan Ramesh and Priyamani
Director: Thangam Thennarasu




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