Voice Biometrics Success — It’s about people not technology

A significant number of Speaker Recognition services using Voice Biometrics are not reaching their full potential because human factors have been inadequately considered during design and implementation.

Our discussions with clients and prospective clients naturally begin with a focus on technology and while it’s obviously a big part of any solution, delivering a functioning service isn’t hard with the appropriate effort and the help of a capable vendor.

The real difference between a merely working and truly valuable service nearly always comes down to the extent to which the less rational and more emotional human needs of callers, frontline employees and internal decision makers have been met.

There are many functionally complete services deployed by businesses around the world that might be PR successes but are failing to deliver any, or all of their potential because the needs of these audiences have not been met. Unfortunately, there is no one right answer to this problem as the dynamics of organisations, even in the same industries, vary so significantly but by identifying these groups and spending time understanding their needs, your chances of success increase significantly. Whilst each group could be the subject of their own post, we have tried to distill the key considerations and top tips to help project teams and leaders increase their chance of success.

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