Symph Summer Interns

This summer, Symph is packed with interns! And we couldn’t be any more excited having people around who remind us of how it was like to be shy, perhaps a bit unsure, yet filled with so much hope for what magical thing we can learn and create in this lot of craziness.

Get to know this summer’s batch:

Michael is inspired to work in the IT industry to pursue the American dream — but in Singapore.
“I’m not doing this (I.T stuff) because it’s a job, I’m doing this because it is what I really want to do.” Jonathan Daniel, plans on creating a start-up that may help the environment someday.
Once a registered nurse now seeks to use technology to fill her need for social responsibility. She once wanted to pursue in creating a software that translates sign language to speech and vice versa. — Desiree
“If you’re really passionate about something, just do it kai mapangitaan ra jud na og paagi.”, Emmanuel — worked in the I.T industry after finishing high school, pursued his I.T education 7 years after.
John Rey has big big dreams of becoming a start-up founder/entrepreneur
“Surround your self with people who push you to achieve your dreams; and can be your guinea pigs.”
Ehmz, jumped from one course to another (from nursing to engineering) ’til she found out she was good in I.T a few semesters into it.

We’re looking forward to working with you guys and we promise: we’ll do our darn best to teach you what you need to know in your time with us (just expect a few rough days every now and then haha).

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