3-card Monte

It’s also known as a shell game, or sleight-of-hand. A skilled practitioner distracts you so that you do not see where the card or the pea is hidden.

Although Trump’s tweets, opinions, and egoism promise bad results, they are also a distraction from where the bad and scary policies are being made. We have a Republican Congress, and it is they who will approve Trump’s appointments, and it is they who will write the laws they want Trump to approve. Repeal the ACA? Republicans in Congress got there before Trump. Ban funding for Planned Parenthood? Republicans in Congress got there before Trump. Deny global-warning and disrespect science? Republicans in Congress got there first.

Republicans control most state governments. It is state governments that are disenfranchising the poor, the non-white, and the young. It is state governments that are defunding public education, defunding health care for women, and blocking environmental protections.

We got this way because of a lazy or inept Democratic party, because they, and we, were so busy worrying about the presidential races that they and we, ignored what has been happening in other elections for years now.

If we want change, we have to put our money into local races in states that are not our own. I did that this year by sending money to candidates running against Koch-supported candidates outside my state. My money of course was less than a drop in the bucket; we all have to do that, most importantly the Democratic big donors and PACs. And we have to start shaming legislators who say things that are truly idiotic.

If they are smart the Democrats in Congress will help Trump to see that some of what the Republicans want is not popular. Popularity is what Trump wants most of all.