Kellyanne Conway goofed

I hate to be so gleeful that the incredibly perfect Kellyanne messed up, but well it’s about time. In case you missed it, when asked about the difference in crowd estimates presented by the administration and those presented by the media, she said “those are alternative facts.” Love that Merriam Webster then tweeted the definition of fact since so many people looked it up. Read the story here.

So, let’s give credit where credit is due. Kellyanne did an amazing job of getting Trump elected. She has kept a straight face answering questions by being off topic and attacking opponents. But there is no such thing as an alternative fact. A fact is a fact. NPR did a great story on this today explaining how they are handling the issues. (listen here).

Perhaps we can now stop pretending that differing opinions are differing facts. How to tell the difference seems to be difficult for many politicians and not agreeing on what constitutes a fact is wrong. A few examples:

Fact: scientists agree that the world is warming and that man is a contributing factor. Opinion: we should sign the Paris climate agreement and live by it.

Fact: The official tally of people on the subways the morning of the inauguration is lower for Trump than for Obama . Opinion: the Trump inauguration was seen by more people than any other inauguration (perhaps there will one day be a fact to support this idea, but right now there is none).

Fact: Trump won the electoral college. Fact: Clinton won the popular vote . Not a fact: Clinton won the popular vote because of illegal aliens voting .

KellyAnne said yesterday that she needs Secret Service protection because of how she’s portrayed in the media. Politico has a great article about that. Noone should be threatened for saying what they believe. Unfortunately, the public is very emotional about this President, and her contribution to getting him elected by twisting facts and playing with the truth. Perhaps she can learn from her goof on Sunday and stop trying to have everything her way. Or maybe the news media should stop inviting her speak.