Which One is More Effective: Core PHP or Use of Frameworks

There are millions of websites registered over the internet and PHP empowers most of them. PHP is a world accepted web scripting language that is extensively utilized in the development of dynamic websites. Server oriented language, PHP, can be easily modified and customized to create it developer oriented frameworks. Presently, PHP has multiple frameworks such as CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony and more. Well, there is always a considerable point whether core PHP is impressive or should use a specific framework for robust web development.

Power of Core PHP Web Development

Core PHP is the roots of web development. So, while you are utilizing any frameworks, you must have an extensive idea of core PHP. What’s make the big difference between core PHP and frameworks? With core PHP, the professional needs to utilize logic from scratch, and program it by using the syntax offered by this scripting language. But, with the power of PHP frameworks, you will get some developed code and tools to call when you required. Frameworks are really productive and real time savers.

With the use of these frameworks, there is no need to code again and again for the similar feature. The framework also empowers PHP developers to understand the existing code, even if it is passed on from one experienced professional to another. One of the finest key features that a framework offers is the Model View Controller architecture which differentiates the logic, design and the functions. Another valuable benefit of a framework is that modifications given by clients can be easily integrated.

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Why Core PHP is Required for Web Developers?

In order to start working on PHP frameworks, you must have some fundamental awareness about core PHP, existing functions and classes. As an aspiring PHP developer, beginning with core PHP is a wise idea. It will be helpful to clear all the basics and explore with the ample number of PHP frameworks available for web development.

Whether you would like it or not — you cannot escape it! You are not able to understand the tips and techniques of PHP frameworks without the basic fundamentals of the core PHP scripting language. Learning and understanding core coding, and working towards creating a website with powerful PHP frameworks is a finest approach towards web development services.


There is nothing good or bad. You can develop a website with core coding of PHP or can use any framework of PHP for the development of the website. The outcome will be just as beautiful and expecting! Frameworks are just developed for the convenience purpose of PHP Web developers that allow fast pace development of websites.

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