5 Essentials for On-Page SEO Practices

Each of the businesses wants to get higher rankings so that they can have more visibility and clicks in order to improve the business ROI. For these purposes, On-page SEO matters a lot. It helps in improving the ranking of the website and enables your targeted users to easily find you.

On-page SEO

1. Page Titles

Page Titles are considered as most important SEO factors in ranking of your website. Each of the pages and posts must have the unique title including the main keyword of the concerned page. For example, you have written a blog post about a luxury beauty cream. It is hereby important to include the keyword “luxury beauty cream” within the post title. It may be “luxury beauty cream for girls” or “brand new luxury beauty cream for ladies”, etc. In this way when a web visitor hunts for beauty products then your post will have better chances to get displayed.

2. Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are important ways to include keywords for the concerned content. These are used when the page is listed within the search results. For instance, one of the best meta description for the luxury beauty cream could be — “This brand new luxury beauty cream will rejuvenate your skin and bring the healthy glow of shining beauty on your skin. Easy to apply and long lasting beauty cream.” This meta description is describing the product while representing the specific keyword. When a visitor will search for the beauty cream it will make this page appear amid the search results.

3. Meta Tags

In the form of meta tags, you can provide a set of keywords for each of your pages. The meta tags should be keyword rich. The content theme on the specific web page gets well reflected in the form of a meta tag. It should be kept short and clear and focus on relevance and readability of the concerned page.

4. URL Structure

Search engine friendly URL for each of the web pages is recommended to bring better crawling. Shorter URLs are considered to perform better than the longer ones when it comes to search engine results. It also consists of the targeted keywords. The location of the keywords also matters a lot from the SEO perspective. For example, a URL structure of “site.com/keyword” would perform better than site.com/323/624/subfolder/keyword etc.

5. Keyword Density

Maintaining the flow of relevant keywords throughout the web page content is very important, as it helps to display your pages in the search results. But one should take care of overusing the keywords as stuffing can lead to a site being banned from search engines. Using latent semantic analysis tools, you can write the same keyword with different approach without the risk of getting banned.

Using these essential on-site SEO techniques, you can get an improved ranking of your website and you will have more potential visitors with high traffic to your website. Moreover, you can hire advanced SEO services from a reliable SEO company like SynapseInteractive to get a boost in your business performance.

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