Some Brilliant Ideas to Generate Potential Leads Through Social Media

Contests are among the best social media strategies for business interaction with fans and like-minded communities to turn the leads into sales. There are various ways of social media giveaways contests such as creating some contest pages, sharing some prize winning posts and so on. To get started with and establish your popularity among your fans, here are a few giveaway ideas that you would like to implement as soon as possible.

Run a referral contest

Referral contest is dedicated to generate huge social engagement. The pattern of rewarding the participants for sharing your social media posts with other people is the best proven way to build your audience.

Run a hashtag contest

A dedicated hashtag for your social media post along with a photo contest help you in getting all photos and let them automatically upload them to a gallery. The hashtag should be business specific and creative text to get more engagement.

Share entries

Sharing the participating entries like photos, content and tagging the users who posted them are the best ways to drive more entries which result in business’s popularity and more engagements over social media platforms.

Add countdown timer

You must add a countdown timer to bring an urgency among the contestants. Putting down the countdown timer on the front of the social media pages will let the visitor be aware of the left time they have to enter into the contest and it will help in enhancing the engagements.

Send to newsletter in mail

Sharing your contest in the form of the newsletter to your audiences email id is the way to win the hearts of your targeted audiences. An email related to your business will invest the receivers’ interest into your products and services and you will be more prone to get leads.

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