Brain Endurance Training — This is nothing new…

Pull up Google Scholar and type in “Mental Fatigue in Sport” and the following result’s come up 217,000 results (0.06 sec). So how come you’re only becoming aware of the importance of using a structured progressive Brain Endurance Training program as part of your performance matrix as an athlete now? Well it’s a pretty straightforward answer actually the science has been around for many years it’s just the technological intervention that was missing. However with the convergence of technology and performance science in recent years it is now easily accessible and can be delivered and monitored direct to a mobile device (iOS Only) anywhere at any time as well as compliance and performance monitored live to ensure success.

Brain Endurance Training — What is it?

To clarify BET is not “Brain Game’s” or whacking flashing light’s it is the systematic progressive approach to targeting the brain and unless you are performing sports specific cognitive drills in training or adjacent to your usual training regime and measuring this effect on yourself as an athlete over time plus reviewing the data as well as using progressive programming to ensure an adaptive training result, then you are not doing this. Mental skills coaching is an entirely different area and absolutely has its own very important place in an athletes performance preparation. Just don’t confuse them. Mental fatigue has been proven to negatively affect performance. Mental fatigue induced deliberately in specific doses in training can create an adaptive response and increase the capacity for mental load in athletes.

What the science tell’s us…

Below are a few of the most important examples from some of the various mental fatigue studies performed over the past few years. These listed are only a small number of the many studies of the effects of mental fatigue on sport related performance it’s obviously beyond the scope of this article to mention them all.

Impact of mental fatigue on speed and accuracy components of soccer- specific skills

Mental fatigue impairs technical performance and alters neuroendocrine and autonomic responses in elite young basketball players

Mental Fatigue Impairs Physical Performance in Young Swimmers

The cardinal exercise stopper: Muscle fatigue, muscle pain or perception of effort?

Kayaking performance is altered in mentally fatigued young elite athletes.

The Solution…

Synapse Neuro Performance Solutions harnesses the latest BET & SVT technology.

Synapse Neuro Performance Solutions are proud to be a world leader in harnessing the latest mobile Brain Endurance Training & Sport’s Vision technology and delivering bespoke solutions to athletes, teams & coaches as well as high performance organisations & individual’s globally. Giving athletes the ability to enhance their Brain Endurance Training & Sport’s Vision skill’s anywhere at anytime 24/7! With the most advanced analytics on the backend and a dedicated Neuro Performance Coach programming, monitoring and progressing your performance.


For more information on Brain Endurance Training & Sport’s Vision check out or contact via email and schedule a call with us in order to discuss your specific requirements and get started.



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